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Beer Pairing

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Pair beer and food like a pro.

Beer has re-claimed its place at the dinner table. Yet unlike wine, there just aren't many in-depth resources to guide both beginners and beer geeks for pairing beer with food. Julia Herz and Gwen Conley are here to change that.

As you start your journey, you'll learn all about the effects aroma, flavor, preference, and even personal experience can have on taste. Just as important, you'll become a tasting Anarchist--throw out the conventional advice and figure out what works for you! Then, on to the pairing: play with interactions, taste elements, and learn all about the how and why...with beer, of course.

The authors cover 25 different styles of beer and how they interact with specific food ingredients and characteristics. If you'd rather work backwards from the food, they'll help you do that, too.

From classics like barbecue ribs with American Brown Ale to unusual matches like carrot cake with India Pale Ale, you'll learn why some pairings stand the test of time and you'll find plenty of new ideas as well. A variety of palate trips, complete information for planning a beer dinner, tips from pro brewers, and geek-out science features mean you'll never look at beer--or food--the same way again.


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