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Bath Soak - Moon Magick

Moon Magick

Start your ritual by brewing me the night of a full moon.

Let my herbs cleanse your body and work my magick to assist you in connecting and honoring the moon. Take time to look back on the lessons you’ve learnt along the way. Feel the energy of the full moon, water and herbs. Let it inspire you to journal, reflect and set new intetions so you can begin manifesting your dreams into reality.


All herbs are organic or wildcrafted.


Holy Basil – Elixir Of Life
Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Encourages Chakra balancing, harmony, astral travel, calms inflammation
Lemon Balm – Herb of Good Cheer
Ruler: Jupiter/Moon
Element: Water
Encourgaes focus, clarity, restful sleep, helps to uplift, calm anxiety and nerves.

Mugwort – Herb of Magick
Ruler: Moon/Venus
Element: Earth
Encourages relaxation, healing, purification, prophetic dreaming.

Nettle – Devils Apron
Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Encourages nutrient absorption, improves aches in joints, clears out negative energies.

Rose – Herb Of Love
Ruler: Venus
Element: water

Encourages openness, compassion, understanding, vulnerability, sacred connection to self

Sage – The Saviour
Ruler: Jupiter/Moon
Element: Air
Encourages aura protection, intuition, bood circulation, abundance
Witch Hazel – Golden Treasure
Ruler: Sun
Element: Fire
Encourages soothing of skin irritations, wound healing. Menstratuon relief, skin health, wards away evil spirits.
Yarrow – The Witch’s Herb
Ruler; venus

Element: Water
Encourages healing of emotional wounds, energetic blocks, creativity, love, carity and courage.



Instruction: pour desired amount into bath or use organic cotton muslin bag provided.

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