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Bamboo Crystal Dome Bottle - Aventurine

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The Lucky Stone. Known to bring luck & prosperity into your life, this stone also releases old habits so new growth can take place.


These Crystal Dome bottles are truly special! The Amethyst crystals sit in a glass dome which has hand cut slits which allow the water to flow through and be activated by the amethyst crystals.

We suggest you set your intention for the day, whilst filling your bottle as we highly respect the work of Dr Emoto who studied the affects that positive words have on water.

The CAW Crystal Waterbottles hold approx 450ml of crystal infused water.

Each Crystal waterbottle comes packaged in a gift box & includes a bonus neoprene water bottle cover which comes handy when travelling.

These bottles are made of Borosilicate glass which is lead free, BPA free and more resistant to thermal shock. The lid & base are bamboo. We are proud to be reducing the amount of plastic waste and damage to the planet! These bottles are sustainable & reusable.

*please note, the bamboo water bottles no longer come with the tie at the top, the new design features lid as in first photo.


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