A Compendium of Lines For All Occasions

Do you ever get caught in a moment where you don't know what to say? Then sit there and think of everything you could have said? Well worry no more! With the ultimate Compendium, with lines for all occasions:

"If you were smarter, I could teach you how to fetch" - Insults
"There's just so much TV to watch!" - Excuses
"I was winking at someone else" - Rejections
"If you don't understand I can go over it again." - Mind Games
"Mum sold you to the gypsies but they sent you back"- Put-Downs
"My doctor insisted I get more sleep" - Cop-outs

Packed with all the insults, excuses, rejections, mind games, put-downs, and cop-outs you’ll ever need into one handsome volume! Whether you have to break up with a partner, zing a pal, or gaslight a rival, there will be a line (or lines!) in this book.

10.7 x 17.2 cm. Hardcover


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