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300 Best Potato Recipes
300 Best Potato Recipes

300 Best Potato Recipes


The humble potato is literally the BEST vegetable to ever exist! Name a better one.... I'll wait.  

A "desert island" vegetable if ever there was one, the potato appeals to all of us, whether in the form of traditional comfort dishes or in the guise of the new and exotic. Versatile, nutritious, inexpensive and unfailingly delicious, no other vegetable, and few foods in general, can make those claims.

This book is for those potato heads that eat, sleep & dream nothing but spuds - including some new recipies they'd be keen to experiment with including potato doughnuts or Potato fudge!

Also included is a complete history and origins of potatoes as well as a comprehensive chapter that covers hundreds of potato varieties.

AUTHOR: Kathleen Sloan-Mcintosh is an author, food journalist and the owner and operator of the Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro in Bayfield, Ontario. Colour throughout

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