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Bamboo Coffee Cup

Brighten Your Mornings with a Bamboo Coffee Cup from Eggplant & Poppy

Doing your part to help protect the environment can be fun – and our bamboo coffee cup is proof. Single-use plastics and other disposable items such as coffee cups are wreaking havoc on the earth. Become part of the solution with an adorable and reusable bamboo coffee or smoothie cup from Eggplant & Poppy.

The Importance of a Reusable Coffee Cup

There are lots of reasons to invest in a bamboo cup or ceramic travel mug. If saving the world by drinking your favourite beverage out of the cutest cup ever isn’t enough, then how about:

  • Fewer toxins. When you reach for a disposable coffee cup, there’s no telling of what materials make up its construction. Plastics and other materials in disposable cups may contain questionable chemicals that could harm your health.
  • Coffee just the way you want it. When you make your coffee, you’re more likely to get it exactly right than a stranger at your local coffee shop. When the cup is yours, you can fill it with whatever you want – and leave out anything you’d like to avoid.
  • A heavier wallet. The cost of a reusable cup is nothing compared to the ongoing expense of visiting a coffee shop every morning. In fact, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you could be spending hundreds of dollars each month without realising it! Make a budget-savvy choice with a reusable bamboo mug from Eggplant & Poppy.

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  • …and much more! Men and women alike will discover a wide variety of products here not found in most stores. Your gift-giving problems are solved – visit us to find the perfect item for anyone you know.

Why Trust Eggplant & Poppy Regarding Your Bamboo Coffee Cup

Life is short – and we love making it lots more fun for our customers. We take fun seriously, which is why our products are not only delightfully unusual but also made with quality and care. Whether you shop in our physical store or online, you’ll enjoy personalised service and a satisfactory shopping experience every time. We also offer AfterPay and gift wrapping to make your job even easier. Contact us today – you’ll be glad you did!


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