Personalised Gifts Melbourne

Find the Perfect Gift for Him or Her with Personalised Gifts in Melbourne

There are two kinds of people looking for personalised gifts in Melbourne: those who are excellent gift-givers, and those who are terrified of buying the wrong gift for someone special. The good news is that we cater to both types, and you’re sure to find something amazing in our store.

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There are a lot of options to browse through. Not every gift is handmade, but quite a few are; nevertheless, we know you’re going to find something that stands out.

  • Household Gifts – Is your future-gift-haver-person someone with a quirky sense of style? Perhaps they’d like unique coasters, teacups and saucers, or a conversation piece that can rest on a coffee table or counter. Our selection of household items is too extensive to list here, so take a look starting with something everyone can get behind: coffee and tea.
  • Gifts for Her in Melbourne – We’ve got a broad selection of gifts that are great for the special ladies in your life. Peruse our beauty items to help her handle her cosmetic collection in style, or explore our enticing body and bath goods; with our options, you can’t miss.
  • Men’s Gifts in Melbourne – Of course, we cannot forget the gentlemen. Maybe the cosmetic bag wouldn’t work for him quite so well, but we do have numerous grooming products that will fit the bill. We also carry various bar-related gifts that are sure to please the distinguished gentleman, if he enjoys a cocktail or scotch.

The Importance of Unique Gifts in Melbourne

Distinct gifts are always worth the investment for several key reasons:

  • Nothing says, “You’re important to me,” like a gift that shows real thought put into it. Let them know that they’re both in your heart and your mind and put a smile on their face when you give a gift with meaning.
  • Do you lack artistic talent or creative craftsmanship when it comes to gifts? That’s okay – many people are in the same boat. Nevertheless, Eggplant and Poppy can help you just the same by providing unique gifts that are sure to get an “ooh” and “ahh!”
  • You’re sure to avoid being “that person” who gets the same gift that someone else bought. While it’s not so bad being the person who gave the first one, dodge that awkward conundrum by selecting a unique gift from Eggplant and Poppy.

Why Eggplant and Poppy Is Cost Effective

You love your friends, and so do we! Well, maybe we haven’t met them yet, but we’re sure they’re good people. So, we’ll let you in on a little secret. When you buy gifts from Eggplant and Poppy, you’re getting a lot more than your money’s worth. Each of our gifts are an experience, something special that conveys the fact that you care. And you can put no dollar amount on that. Contact us to explore our selection further or to discuss some ideas for what kind of gifts would be ideally suited to your friends and loved ones.


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