Eco Friendly Gifts in Melbourne

Give "Green" with Eco Friendly Gifts in Melbourne

Whether you're all about environmental friendliness or you have friends who take it seriously, finding eco friendly gifts in Melbourne shouldn't be tough. With Eggplant & Poppy, you're always just a few clicks away from finding the perfect green gift (note: not always literally green).

Common Mistakes People Make Shopping for Reusable Produce Bags in Melbourne

Produce bags are one popular and eco-friendly choice, but shopping for them may not be as straightforward as you think. Keep in mind that you'll want to avoid:

  • Thinking that all produce bags were created equally. Some types of reusable bags aren't much better than using plastic, since they rely primarily on long-lasting synthetic fibres. Look instead for durable woven natural materials, such as organic cotton.
  • Not purchasing enough bags to prove useful. One or two bags might be nice to have, but it may not be enough to get all the shopping done — or to store everything your recipient purchases. That's why we offer convenient 8-packs of our reusable bags, making it simple to give a truly useful gift.
  • Not pairing them with other reusable shopping bags. Melbourne residents can help cut down on the number of plastic bags used across the country by not only replacing produce containers with reusable bags, but by also carrying all their shopping in eco-friendly totes.

Got all that? Good — there will be a quiz.

Why Eggplant & Poppy Should Be Your Choice for Eco Gifts in Melbourne

Jokes aside, what makes it worth shopping here? Let's skip right to the point — not to waste any time. We should be your first choice for these reasons:

  • We've worked hard to curate an interesting and exciting collection of gifts suitable for just about every kind of person, and that includes your friends who want to go green. We'd appreciate it if you recognised that effort and took the time to explore some of our housewares or gifts for men, too.
  • Enjoy a more eclectic selection of eco-friendly products than you'll typically find elsewhere. From cute and spunky designs to pleasing patterns and quality of the "it just works" type, there's something for almost everyone to enjoy.
  • Take advantage of personal service. Let's be honest: shopping with small business is more enjoyable, not just because you'll find more unique products, but because you can actually find a live human being to talk to if, for some reason, you want to do that. At Eggplant & Poppy, we take customer service seriously, and we love chatting with shoppers about how we can help.

With that in mind, why would you go anywhere else?

Don't Miss Out On Eggplant and Poppy's Exciting Selection of Gifts

It might not seem like much but doing even a little bit to cut down on plastic bag usage can have significant impacts over the long term. That might be why your friends are always talking about the importance of eco-friendliness. Enjoy the opportunity to do your part together with Eggplant & Poppy's green gifts and enjoy the experience of small-business shopping. For questions and concerns, get in touch with us online — we're always ready to chat.


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