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Reduce Waste with Convenience When You Buy a Keep Cup Online

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to buy a keep cup online, we’re sorry to say you’re missing out. You’ve very much in control of keeping your hot coffee hot and your cold water cold no matter how nasty the weather when you use an excellent travel mug.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Keep Cup Online

The biggest mistake you can make about keep cups is not using them. But aside from that, let’s dispel some errors and misconceptions:

  • The cups are reusable, so if you ever buy paper cups to take your coffee to work or on the go, sooner or later, you’ll save money by using a travel mug.
  • Don’t worry about any taste interference. Good travel mugs (like Frank Green’s SmartCups) give you all the benefits without any metallic or chemical taste.

Be eco-friendly without worry now that you know that these cups can save you money and keep your drinks tasting good.

Problems Eggplant and Poppy Addresses when You Buy Travel Mugs Online

Let’s review the most significant benefits of travel mugs:

  • Hot stays hot and cold stays cold, for up to 12 hours!
  • Single-button operation means no complicated mechanisms.
  • When you’re done with it, you can even recycle it in the bin.

Our travel mugs are designed to simplify your life, and that’s just what they do.

Why Eggplant and Poppy is cost effective.

We’re a small company with big dreams and great ideas. Let us help you find the perfect lifestyle accessories that help enrich your life while saving you money, such as top quality travel mugs. Contact us to learn more or explore our store.


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