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How To Unfuck The Planet A Little Each Day

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While world leaders continue to drag their feet, and corporations prioritize profits over the planet, there are still things we can do to try and unf*ck the planet. Focusing on these things we can control, rather than obsessing about projected points-of-no-return, is critical according to author Jo Stewart. That’s how you’ll stay in fit and fighting shape to face the enormous structural challenges the world needs to solve ASAP.

Jo offers answers to everyday consumer questions, like: what’s the best way to order (and to carry) my morning coffee?; How can I strive for carbon neutrality in the home when I have a million appliances?; What the f*ck is a Bokashi bucket, and is it any better than a worm farm?

Small changes in the way we eat, shop, recycle and commute really can change the world. Whether it’s thinking about the food miles of each product before purchase or choosing to ride your bike into work on a nice spring morning, unf*cking the planet is a collective responsibility. This book offers some practical (and non-judgmental) advice on how we can get this ball rolling.

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