May 25, 2017

As most of you know here at Eggplant & Poppy Emma & myself are the handmaidens behind a good 70% of our stock - from all of our jewellery, vintage book clocks, greeting cards, wrapping & craft packs, up-cycled tiled coasters, custom made blocks & other items, key chains, framed artwork & more! All these products are made with our hands (plus Sam & Sandie's too!) out the back of the shop in our studio.

We purchase lots of gorgeous home wares & gift wares from all over the place & have become regular travelers to trade fairs now. But there is also an important part of our business that we absolutely adore - and that is our small, hand makers.
The small guys who work big!

The guys & gals who work from their kitchen table or their lounge room floor. The guys who reply to emails & social media stuff on their phones while at their sons soccer practice or daughters dance lesson. The guys who work long into the night while their family sleeps fueled by coffee & the lifestyle choice of having a foot in each camp: one in business & one in the family home.

These guys are like us. Small business owners who do it all. Who pour their heart & soul into their brand. And it is SO important to support these businesses <3

SO!  for the past few weeks we've been working on blog posts....Because we have so many awesome suppliers like this we want to show case them in all their glory - to help promote them & so you can see how much awesomeness is out there in our country! And by you guys supporting our shop, you are also supporting them. They more you buy, the more we buy. It is win win!

Introducing "Maker To The Merchant....."

Each week we will be doing a feature on our small suppliers - we hope you show them as much love as we do.... stand by for regular E&P family member stories <3

Kirsty & Emma x



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