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February 06, 2018

It’s the Sam take over!

Well, I guess one blog post isn’t exactly a “take over” but nonetheless, it is I,Super Sam, on the blog this week.

Now I am what the millennialscall a “hipster”, why you ask? Well many reasons (including wearing overalls to work covered with enamel pins) butthe main reason being that I buy my music on vinyl! (and have quite literally made my room the ultimate record listening space I possibly can; speakers up in the top corners of the room, got my subwoofa, mypre amp, with tubes andeverythi—I feel like I may have lost you?) 

Anyway, as you can tellI’m a vinyl buff – my dad played records throughout my whole life with classics like Hall & Oates, Huey Lewis, George Benson, Toto, StevieWinwood, Foreigner… I could go on and on. 

Super Sammy Take Over

Super Sammy Take Over

Now, even though I am a fan of records; record art has always been a sore spot for me – seeing people melt my belovedvinyl likeits just ahunk of plastic into a bowl or spray painting the absolute crap out of them… and whatever other terrible ways there are to hurt my groovy tunes.BUT alas; my lovely boss ladies at Eggplant & Poppy have found a way – RecordClocks! 
The entirerecordremains in tack in its whole and true form: but the whole in the middle where the record would normally be placed on the player has gained a new purpose:clock hands! 
It’s a great way to give purpose to records if you don’t have a player to listen to them, or if you are also a sucker for nostalgia like me and have an old record that no longer plays due to wear or damage: don’t get rid of the thing: give it a new life and bring it in to us at E&P and we will level up your record to its almighty clock form (and I repeat – no harm will come to our dear vinyl; no melting or spraying here!). If you don’t have any old records that you want to refurb into clocks; don’t worry we also have you covered there, with some we have already pre-made waiting in store right now. 

See You Soon!

Super Sammy x

Super Sammy Take Over


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