June 09, 2017

About The Chooks Pyjamas

The Chooks Pyjamas

With a professional background in skin physiology, Shelley was becoming more and more aware of the toxic load we are regularly and unknowingly exposed to, and the effect it is having on a global scale. Shelley has treated many cases of inflammatory auto-immune disorders of the skin - which are becoming all too common, largely due to the amount of toxins and chemicals we are being exposed to on a daily basis. Allergies and food intolerance's are the new normal.  This hit even closer to home when Shelley's two children were also born with severe allergies, which sparked a personal journey of gut health and nutrition.With this in mind, the past 6 years have been spent passionately and tirelessly researching and trialing recipes, formulations and remedies with only the purest ingredients to nurture our health, our gut, our minds and our skin. 

The Chooks Pyjamas

And so The Chooks Pyjamas was born!
This products are amazing, and have been lovingly tweaked to perfection, right down to the blend of essential oils used to fragrance the products.

Bio-deodorants & gorgeous temple balms have made the way into Eggplant & Poppy & have been super popular - not only are these products detoxifying, they smell amazing, nourishes the skin and is invisible after application. 




The Chooks Pyjamas

The Chooks Pyjamas




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