June 26, 2017

About KE Design

Finding a product that is of superior quality & 100% Australian designed & made is quite a task - so when we came across KE Design we jumped at the chance to stock this fabulous brand.

We welcomed KE Design tea towels back in September 2016. This is a business like no other.

KE Design

KE Design pride themselves on commitment to producing high-quality gift and home ware products that are Australian made. The family-run business is proud to carry the Australian made logo on their great range of products that are manufactured in gorgeous Melbourne.
All of their stunning gift and home ware designs including their impressive range of tea towels, cushions, postcards, greeting cards and microfibre cloths are made by a team of dedicated local workers with the help of a talented special needs team.

The Brunswick Sheltered Workshop commenced operation in 1968 as part of a joint venture between the Mount Royal Hospital and the Brunswick Lions and Rotary Clubs.

Their mission, from then to this day, is to assist local people with disabilities by providing them with gainful employment according to their abilities in an environment conducive to their needs.

KE Design KE Design

KE Design has had a very close association with the workshop for the past eleven years. & now have a minimum rotating team of ten special needs workers on premises at one time. Most special needs workers prefer working in normal surroundings and KE Design obtains a reliable dedicated workforce. What’s more, some special needs workers who have worked with them have gone on to obtain employment in the regular workforce, which is fantastic.

KE's  expert team also work to produce and bottle their own spray solutions in their warehouse, as well as print all the designs on their cardboard packaging in-house. By manufacturing their products in Australia, they are helping to provide jobs to local people including special needs workers, contribute to the growth of small businesses within Australia while ensuring a rapid turnaround of products.

KE Design

All products are designed and created locally, there is a high level of quality control throughout all areas of the manufacturing and design process to ensure you always get the best! It is their commitment to creating high-quality, functional and locally produced products that makes their business.
The whole process from start to finish, begins by working with local designers to create the amazing statement prints that we get on the tea towels - think bunnings sausages, bubble o bill, avo on toast & the almighty pav! Then to manufacturing the premium microfibre tea towels, cushions and cloths and packaging of their own products.

KE Design

KE Design   KE Design

This is one business to be reckoned with - we are so proud to be a part of KE & stock their fabulous microfibre tea towels, they are a fantastic business with the most amazing structure - and doing great things for Australia!


KE Design

KE Design    KE Design

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