May 29, 2017

About Bluebird Candles

Creamy, delightful soy candles- hand poured right here in Tropical Far North Queensland.

Bec is a long time friend of ours & a part of our market family. She is one of the kindest and most hardworking women & Mums I know - you want a girl boss? We'll give you Bec!

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Her candles & scrubs are a institution in FNQ - and ask anyone up here, they have either owned, smelt, been gifted or visited a market stall of Bluebird Candles.

We are funny We are funny

Ranging in lots of different types of jars, glassware, tins & even vintage china, the scents that Bec pours are just delightful - and not to mention her clever naming!
Dunk Spa, Run Run as fast as you can, B is Bananas, Brandy You're a fine girl, Champagne Strawberry, Hello Sailor, Dragons Blood, Innisfail Rain, Illusions By The Jug, Kuranda & Love In The Dark...... are just a small sample of names.
Our most popular candle, was formally known as "Sea Salt" was delivered to the shop when we first opened. Emma & I smelt it (like we always do opening up a box of bluebird goodness) and said "this smells like a man. Straight out of the shower - buff, naked, except for a towel wrapped around him... fresh shaven.... it smells like a SEXY CLEAN MAN".
And so the name - and the phenomenon - was born. Bec promptly renamed the candle & customers couldn't get enough. We would receive a box full & be sold out in a few hours.

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And add to that list "Lemongrass"... this is also a delicious scent that Bec has mastered. You can pretty much guarantee that any Bluebird candle you smell you will love. Much time, love, care & effort is put into pouring each & every item made in Bec's home in Innisfail. This is why it is always a go to for gifts at Eggplant & Poppy & still one of our best selling brands.

We love you Bec!!!!

We are funny



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