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July 08, 2020

Do you want to know what is super weird?

Kirsty & I have been planning and developing our new Gift Boxes, both the
“Built By Us” and the “Build Your Own” styles for a few months now.

In fact, it’s been a year or two in the pipeline with us constantly talking about, to us eventually doing something about.  It was actually one of the positive outcomes from the good ol’ Covid-19 shut down…


Anyhoo…. Back to the story at hand. While we had been busy developing and planning these boxes, it occurred to me the last time I actually received a gift box was when my now 10 year old daughter was born. So, I must admit, I had forgotten a little about the excitement of getting a box of awesomeness in the mail.


Until last Tuesday.


When we got home, the kids & I were met with box (hiding) on our front veranda. My first thought was “what the bloody hell has my husband ordered now for his motorbike?” as it was a sturdy looking box, and I was not expecting anything in the mail (except for the rates notice and unless Cairns Regional Council have started gift boxing these…I didn’t think this was for me either).


As soon as we got inside, like piranhas to a leg of lamb, the kids and I were all over that box! I quickly pulled out the Mum card - back off kids - my name is on the label so let me enjoy the most awesome feeling of opening a completely unexpected surprise in the mail.



And this is the part when I started with the

“Ohhhhhh that’s so nice!!!”, “ Ahhhh they shouldn’t have!” and a heap of other sentiments that comes along with feeling unexpectedly spoilt.


I had completely forgotten the amazing rush of opening a box filled with goodies that I hadn’t chosen, because let’s be honest...we have all dabbled in a bit of online shopping over the past few months and we have somehow evolved the skill of feeling our way through satchels knowing fully what’s waiting for us inside*



Receiving a Gift Box comes with a whole set of new feelings - exhilaration, spoilt, happiness, pampered, but most of all - I felt thought about.

Someone has gone to the effort to pick an assortment of beautiful products just for me** 


A Gift Box doesn't need to be a million dollars’ worth of gold-plated products - it simply has to contain products that relate to the receiver. The rest is easy.

A gorgeously wrapped box, covered ribbons with your name on it with tick all the feel-good boxes every time.

And the great part is - you do not even have to put a bra on to shop for these.

Head to our website and choose from our
unique and quirky
Gift Boxes  or
Build Your Own Gift Box
to completely personalise your gift.



"The feeling of giving joy to another is amazing - the feeling of sending unexpected joy to another is even more satisfying!"



*Except for purchases made under the influence of alcohol - these are always a surprise when they rock up.

** Minor detail, on this occasion the gift box was actually for my husband who replaced our neighbours fence - but hey, I was there for moral support while he was sweating away, and it’s not my fault he was at work when I opened it. 



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